The "Boat Fund"

For some years now, those who are interested in the preservation of the Blackstone Canal have desired to have a tour boat on the canal in Uxbridge and Northbridge to serve as a platform for showing the canal to the public and discussing its history and future possibilities.

The Blackstone Canal Conservancy is now embarked on a more limited project to build a less expensive boat, the Blackstone Restoration, to carry 20 passengers. This boat will be made of plywood and constructed and operated by volunteers. It is of modular design and can be enlarged if experience warrants. It is patterned on the Phoenix, a boat now in use on the Cotswold Canals in England. Total cost of materials, equipment, and insurance is estimated at about $ 14,000.

This project is intended to be the next step in the ongoing process of upgrades to the canal in the Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park. Once it is on line, we intend to organize other projects such as the restoration of Goat Hill Lock and the placement of a tour boat on the watered canal in Lincoln, RI.  Construction of the boat been underway for several years.

Financial contributions of any size are needed for this project.  They should be sent to the Treasurer, David G. Barber, 16 Ballou Road, Hopedale, MA 01747-1833 and marked for "The Boat Project".