The Blackstone Restoration

The Blackstone Restoration is the name of a boat (as shown above) to be built and operated by volunteers of the Blackstone Canal Conservancy for use on the canal in Uxbridge and Northbridge, MA, introducing the public to the canal.

The boat is being built to a modular design.  It is not intended to be a "replica" boat, but rather functional and affordable.   Construction of the boat was begun in January, 1998.  All of the five modules are now permanently assembled.  The modules are being slowly worked on for painting and installation of seats and flooring.  A 15 HP outboard engine and lifejackets have been purchased.

Further efforts will be needed to equip it and run it.   This project is being funded by contributions.  Your help will be most useful and appreciated,  Current estimates are that $ 14,000 will be needed.

We solicit your support of this project.  Contributions payable to the Blackstone Canal Conservancy and marked for the "boat fund" should be sent to the treasurer, David G. Barber, 16 Ballou Road, Hopedale, MA 01747-1833.

It is hoped that this boat will be available soon.

  Revised 7/11/11