Blackstone River Greenway (Bikeway)

The Blackstone River Greenway is the new name for the planned bikeway from Providence, RI to Worcester, MA. The new name has been adopted to allow more flexibility in standards. In Rhode Island, there is completed bikeway between the south side of Woonsocket and the south edge of Lincoln at Front Street. There are also branches across the river at the Pratt Dam and two at the Rte 126 viaduct. One of these runs to a parking area at the west end of the viaduct. The other to the eastbound rest area on I 295.

In Massachusetts, the only completed section is between Worcester and Millbury along Rte. 146. In 2013, the several bridges between St. Paul St. and Factory Pond in Blackstone were being rehabilitated by a state contractor. This project will continue in 2014 on the entire distance between St. Paul St., Blackstone, and Rte 146A, south Uxbridge. The section under construction is also part of the east - west Southern New England Trunkline Trail between Grove Street in Franklin, MA and the Connecticut state line in Douglas State Forest.

Maps of the bikeway

DCR Phase 1 report November 8, 2011, Bikeway in Blackstone

DCR April 3, 2014 Blackstone, MA meeting, Meeting presentation   Meeting Notes

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Link to DCR presentation to Blackstone Selectmen 5/19/15: the address is    Added 6/8/15